Sustainability is one of our three standards at Bakker seeds. Sustainable development has become more important than ever before. Due to our good connection with product origins, we as Bakker seeds make the first step within a fair and sustainable supply chain.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Because of energy conscious and socially responsible entrepreneurship, the roof of our establishment is equipped with solar panels. A large part of our daily need for environmentally friendly electricity is generated by ourselves.

Fair Supply Chains

We as Bakker seeds are aimed on the creation of a fair and transparant supply chain. With our Sedex certification, we want to generate safe labour circumstances, respect business ethics, save our environment and contribute to a healthy and safe supply chain.

Reduce Food Waste

Our precise 'state of the art' cleaning process is able to filter out all unwanted materials very accurately, while conserving as much as possible high-grade materials. In this way, we are able to minimize food waste as much as possible, without quality degredation of our products.