Cleaning makes all the difference. Which is why the cleaning process is one of the major added values offered in the cooperation with Bakker seeds.

Over the years our range of machinery has been increasingly refined and developed.

The whole process of cleaning starts with an advanced sieving process. In the wind machine dust, chaff and other fine foreign matter is separated from the product. An advanced Sortex sorter detects even the most difficult forms of contamination by colour, shape and infrared (InGaAs)and the X-ray detects and removes other irregularities which have other density than the product. Finally the metal detector and magnets remove the tiniest metal particles. The control sieve makes the last check before the goods are being packed.

Blending and Chopping

As an experience supplier to the food and bakery industries, Bakker seeds flexibly response to rapidly changing recipe compositions. We can even supply all our products in a constant blending ratio. Chopping and/or cutting of seeds also belongs to the various possibilities of Bakker seeds.


When the products reach the end of our cleaning lines, they are immediately hygienically packed. Depending on the type of product and the customer’s requirements, there is a wide variety of bags, PAPER, PE, ALU, EVOH (sizes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kg bags and bigbags). Marking of the bags can be done by print and/or stickers witch all relevant information. Once filled, the bags are automatically sewed or sealed. Additional options are vacuum and/or Modified Atmosphere (”MAP”). the final automatic operation is stacking the bags on pallets and carefuly sealing them. After this procedure, the products are ready for call off.


The warehouse and silos at Bakker seeds are equipped to meet customer specifications: zero stock, just-in-time delivery, storage in transport (custom bonded warehouse) and cold-storage options.

Our FSSC-22000-certified tracking & tracing system enables us to check quantities, our product locations and all details about the process. Our storage facilities meet the most stringent requirements for storage of foodstuffs regulations of the various certification system in every detail.