Who we are

Bakker seeds is a versatile partner in the world of grains, kernels & seeds. For import and export, storage and transhipment, cleaning, blending and other forms of processing. The activities of our company, which is located close to the port of Rotterdam, are focusing on raw materials for the bakery, cereal/muesli, biscuit, snack and health industry.

We devote top priority to sustainability and innovation – as you can expect from a modern and dedicated company, run now by the fourth generation of the family.

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What we do

From all over the world, we source the raw materials from their orgin. Our global network of carefully selected suppliers offers a wide range of product variaties.

After arrival at the processing plant of Bakker seeds, all traces of foreign- and unwanted matter are securely removed, through our cleaning process.

Our product supply is aimed on quick and efficient delivery. Whenever and in the quality and quantity you require. For wholesale bakeries, for food industry, for you.

Our History

The Bakker family started out in business in 1905 in the Dutch town of Moerkapelle as a threshing company that also purchased cereal for sale at the corn exchange in Rotterdam. The introduction of combine harvesters prompted the company to split its activities into a contracting/transport firm and a commercial enterprise: Gerrit Bakker Dirk Jacobus’ Zoon.

The company expanded its range of commercial activities to include the cleaning of cereal, seeds. and pulses. New production and warehouses were built for that purpose and the company’s processes were automated to an increasing extent. With more than a hundred years’ experience, Bakker seeds is now a leading enterprise in its sector.