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With our experience, service and products, we are serving the bakery, cereal/muesli, snack and health industry. All over the world.

Our processes

Sometimes unwanted matter can also be harvested along with crops. Any traces of foreign matter are securely removed, trough our cleaning process in our own establishment.


From all over the world, we source the raw materials from their origin. Our global network of carefully selected suppliers is at your service.

Standards at Bakker seeds

Bakker seeds stands for continious improvement. We highly value our three company standards, that are of high value within our entire organization.


We as Bakker seeds stand for high-quality and nutritious food. Our 'state of the art' processing plant is aimed to gain the highest quality of our products.


At Bakker seeds, we do not underestimate food safety. All our products are tested by independant laboratories to guarantee safety of our food products.


Bakker seeds highly values sustainability. We have originated multiple sustainability goals to support sustainable development within our organization.