Quality Assurance Management

Quality is not left to chance at Bakker seeds. All the inbound products are subjected to meticulous testing at independent and ISO-17025 accredited laboratories. Only when the material has successfully passed testing does storage or cleaning start. Our methods are safeguarded by many forms of certification.

Our company meets the following standards: FSSC 22000 + ISO 22000, SKAL (organic import, production and processing), AEO (custom bonded warehouse), National Kashruth (kosher), Halal and NIWO-VROM (waste substances) and SEDEX (social resposibility)

Supplies and Sample Inspections

All our products are unloaded in a safe, efficient way. In bulk, bags in containers or on pallets, depending on the quantities involved.

We take samples of every batch on arrival and after processing. Those samples are then analysed for compliance with our specifications regarding quality, moisture content and absence of contaminants. The purchased batches are of course also inspected by independent laboratories to check that they conform to all product-relevant standards and specifications in accordance with the European regulations and Bakker seeds + customer requirements. The samples are kept for at least twelve months after delivery in a special conditioned storage room.

Product characteristics

We have a versatile product assortment of seeds, kernels and grains, for all types of industries. Beside of our conventional products, we also have wide range of organic varieties. Our products are free of Genetic Modification (GMO) and according to European regulations on pesticides. Products containing gluten or other allergens are processed and stored in completely seperated areas to minimize cross-contamination. Our processes and buildings are completely free of any types of nuts. All by customer requirements.